Data for Battleground Polling survey research is collected using an automated and live polling methodology. Field work for all Battleground Polling surveys is conducted By Strive Research.

The questions are digitally recorded by and individual and then loaded into the Automated polling system. Each person getting the call will here an introduction to the survey and then prompted to answer the following questions by using the touchpad on their telephones. Polling calls for Automated and Live calls are fielded between 5pm and 9pm Monday through Friday, and 1pm – 8pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

After the calls are completed, the response raw data is weighted to reflect proportional representation with respect to geography, age, political party affiliation, race, and vote history. Unless otherwise noted, base counts in cross-tabulations reflect weighted counts. All reported margins of error pertain to maximum margin of error at 95% confidence and take into account the weighting process. This process is required because the people answering the phone answer different ways. For example, women answer the phone more than men, older people are home more and answer more than younger people, and rural residents typically answer the phone more frequently than urban residents.

Battleground Polling, will always disclose the polling methodology used in completing our Automated or Live polls that we will publish.